Towing & Recovery

Trailer under bridge in Bliss, NY on December 13th

We were notified by the Bliss Fire Department stating that a tractor trailer was stuck under the bridge on Route 362.

Arrived on the scene to find a loaded tractor trailer with the trailer wedged under the bridge. The roof had been torn back about 15 feet and the trailer floor and trailer walls had buckled. The dolly legs were setting on the ground holding the trailer up. We dispatched our heavy wrecker to the scene at this time along with our Incident Response Vehicle.

It was determined the trailer needed to be unloaded before it could be moved. There were 17 pallets of bagged salt in the trailer and the structure of the trailer was completely compromised. It would not support any weight. Our Tele-handler loader and one of our tractor trailers were called to the scene to handle the transfer of the pallets on the damaged trailer.

We set up scene lighting and work lights inside the trailer. The door handle brackets were cut off the trailer with a saw in order to get the doors open. When this was completed the doors were secured open. The Tele-handler was used to pick the pallets off the damaged trailer and transfer it to our trailer.

With the load was transferred to our trailer, we began rigging the trailer for transport. The floor and walls were no longer structurally sound and could not be transported as is. We used cross chain between the suspension and the dolly legs to hold the trailer together. The tractor was then moved out from under the damaged trailer. Our tow truck was moved into position and hooked to the trailer kingpin. We ran chains from the bracket we installed on the kingpin to the dolly legs to secure the front half of the trailer so that it wouldn’t buckle when the front of the trailer was raised off of the dolly legs.                

When this was completed, the air bags on the trailer were disconnected and the air released to lower trailer. The front of the trailer was raised up in the air, allowing the back of the trailer to lower down away from the bridge and then the trailer was pulled out from under the bridge. When the trailer was out from under the bridge, the doors and door frame were secured for transport and all the rigging rechecked. The trailer then was towed to our facility.