Towing & Recovery

Feed truck rollover May 27th in Varysburg

Call received from company that they had a loaded tri-axle truck rolled on its side north of Varysburg, NY on Route 98. Both heavy wreckers RM88 and RM07 were dispatched to the scene. A sub-contractor was sourced to vacuum load from grain body. Upon assessment of the scene it was determined that the auger boom needed to be removed to allow upright since it was pushed through trees. Our flatbed unit, RM06, and a telehandler loader, and our service trailer where dispatched to the scene to aid in removal of boom and catwalk. While the feed was being vacuumed, the catwalk and boom were removed. Straps and chains were then rigged to upright vehicle and aid in control of recovery. RM88 was positioned on the front of the vehicle with a high line over the top of the tank and to the right rear frame rail. A second line was hooked to the left front axle and frame. RM07 was positioned at the rear of the unit and a line was hooked to the left rear wheel assembly and frame, running through a snatch block on the lower rear of the tow truck. A control line was hooked to the tag axle bracket and frame rail on the drivers side and run over the top of the tank. It was then run through the trees to our telehandler loader being used as a control vehicle. The vehicle was then rolled gently onto its wheels. After vehicle was upright, RM07 was hooked to the front of the unit and towed to our repair facility. The site was cleaned up by our service crew and area smoothed out with loader bucket. All personnel were released from the scene and returned to shop.