Towing & Recovery

Grain truck and car accident in Varysburg, NY on March 2, 2016

We received a call from the Wyoming County Sheriffs' Department for a motor vehicle accident involving a feed truck and automobile. Our 40 ton slider wrecker, incident response truck, and service truck were all dispatched to the scene. Upon arrival it was found the feed truck to be laying on its side with feed spilled over highway. A unit was dispatched to remove the remaining feed from the tank body to allow us to upright the unit and safely remove from scene.  The disabled vehicle was rigged to be uprighted and the wrecker was moved into position. Additional straps and securement was put into place. The wrecker then uprighted the vehicle to allow for removal from the scene. Once back onto it's wheels it was positioned and secured for towing back to our yard. Our personnel then cleaned up the scene and once that was completed the highway was reopened to traffic.