Towing & Recovery

Loaded milk trucked rolled over in Hume, NY

New York State Police Dispatch called requesting we send two heavy wreckers to the scene of a loaded milk tanker that had rolled over at the intersection of Route 19 and Stone Spring Rd in the Town of Hume. We arrive to find tractor and trailer almost upside down in ditch with trailer partially submerged in mud with milk spilling into field. A small excavator was called to scene and created a dam to pool escaping milk from tanker.  The excavator was also used to dig the tractor and trailer out of the mud to allow access for straps for recovery. Two additional support units arrived from our shop to aide in cleanup of site along with a tractor to transport trailer to repair facility once recovery was completed.  A winch line was hooked to driver’s side front wheel and using a snatch block was hooked to the lowest point of wrecker. A second line was hooked to the rear set of trailer tires, wrapped underneath trailer and over the top to the second wrecker. The third line was hooked to the drive axle and wrapped underneath in the same manner. All winch lines were operated and the process of up righting the unit began.  As it started to come over, the unit began to slide in the snow, so the excavator was hooked to the rear trailer axles as an anchor. The vehicle was put back onto its wheels and the rear wrecker was unhooked and repositioned to slide out of ditch. Once back on roadway, the unit was disconnected, the tractor was rigged for transport onto our wrecker and our tractor was connected to trailer. Both units were transported back to our facility.  Support vehicles remained on site to clean up area.