Towing & Recovery

Milk Truck in ditch on Hobday Rd in Wethersfield

We were called by the Wyoming County Sherriff’s Deptartment to Hobday Rd in Wethersfield for a milk truck that had slid into the ditch and was leaning. Arrived on scene to find a milk truck in the north side ditch leaning at an approximate 45 degree angle and parallel to the road. Heavywrecker RM07 was positioned at the rear of the vehicle on the opposite side of the road.  A control line was rigged on the right side of the vehicle, hooked to the frame and positioned along the right side of the tank for stability. A tow line was hooked to the rear of the frame on the left side. The vehicle was then pulled back and onto the road using the tow line while keeping tension on the control line for stability only. After the vehicle was brought back onto the road safely, all lines were removed and returned to their place on the tow truck.