Towing & Recovery

Motor Vehicle Accident in Orangeville an April 16th

Wyoming County Sheriffs Department called for MVA involving a car and a tractor trailer at the intersection of Route 20A and Route 238 in the town of Orangeville. Heavy Wreckers RM-07 and RM-88 were dispatched to the scene along with tractor RM-99 to remove the trailer from the scene. Our service trailer was also dispatched to the scene with oil pads, brooms and shovels along with extra personnel to assist with traffic control and clean up. Upon arrival we found the tractor trailer was headed east on Route 20A and completely off the road on the north side of the highway,  just east of the intersection of Route 238 still on its wheels but had sustained heavy front end damage with the front axle pushed back approximately 18 inches. Heavy Wrecker RM-07 was positioned in the west bound lane of Route 20A and hooked to the rear of the trailer. RM-88 was also positioned in the westbound lane of Route 20A to assist in the winching and separation of the tractor and trailer. RM-07 winched the unit backwards so that the trailer was up on the road and could be safely unhooked. RM-88 was used to anchor the tractor, while RM-07 winched the trailer further onto the road. Once the trailer was separated from the tractor and onto the pavement, RM-88 was used to slide the trailer sideways. When the trailer was completely in the road, RM-99 was hooked to the trailer and removed from accident scene. At this point RM-07 hooked to the rear of the tractor, winching the tractor backwards until it was completely on the pavement.  RM-88 was hooked to the front of the tractor and pulled it sideways onto the highway. RM-07 was unhooked from the rear of the tractor and repositioned on the front of the tractor. The tractor was rigged for transport and inspected to make sure it could be safely removed from the scene. Once this was complete, all gear and rigging were stored in their proper places and the tractor was transported back to our shop in Bliss. Some of our personnel remained on site to aid in cleaning crash debris and mud from accident scene before road could be reopened. Once the roadway and shoulders were cleared of all debris, the cleanup crew was released from the scene and returned to the shop.