Towing & Recovery

Overturned pickup truck in creekbed on March 3rd, 2016

Call received from the Allegany County Sheriffs' Department about a single vehicle accident where a pick up truck was laying on it's roof in a creek. Our 40 ton slider wrecker, roll back flatbed, and incident response truck were dispatched to the scene. Due to the steepness of the banks, the only way to remove the vehicle from the creek was to lift it vertically onto the bridge and rollover at that point. The heavy wrecker was positioned on bridge and boom extended about 20 feet out. The pick up was rigged and secured for lifting. The vehicle was then lifted straight up. Once it cleared the bridge rails, the boom was retracted and wrecker repositioned to allow pickup to be place on wheels. Straps were placed onto the opposite side of truck from wrecker and drag lines hooked under the vehicle to wrecker. The unit and crew then slowly rolled the vehicle and ropes were used to move the truck into a position to allow our rollback to remove the truck from the scene. Once it was right side up, all rigging was removed and loaded onto the flatbed to be removed to our Hume shop. The sight was cleaned, inspected, and road was reopened to traffic.