Towing & Recovery

Roll over accident at Chaffee Rd. and Curriers Rd. in Arcade, NY October 2nd, 2014

Call received from Wyoming County Sheriffs' Dispatch about 4:30 PM for a motor vehicle accident with a vehicle off the road and in the ditch. Heavy wrecker RM88 and our incident response vehicle was dispatched to the scene. Upon arrival, it was found to have a tractor trailer milk truck in ditch, on it's side, along with a damaged pick up truck in the middle of the road next to the rollover. Emergency personnel from Arcade, Strykersville, and Yorkshire Fire Departments were on the scene along with Mercy Flight Emergency Service. Additional recovery was required so a contractor was requested with a large rotator style heavy wrecker and their Haz-Mat Response Team. All leaking fuel from tractor was contained and fuel was pumped from tanks to storage containers. After pick up truck was removed from the scene, the tractor trailer was prepped and rigged for recovery. The Heavy rotator was rigged in place and unit RM88 was hooked to the front, passenger side to pull vehicle forward once the rotator lifted the unit. While this was being done, heavy wrecker RM07 was dispatched to the scene to tow the tractor back to the repair facility. RS Maher tractor RM99B was also dispatched to tow trailer back to repair facility. 

Once vehicle was partially upright; about a 45 degree angle; additional winch lines were secured over the top of the tank to aid in rolling vehicle upright. Once vehicle was on it's wheels, RM88 pulled forward to remove tractor trailer from ditch. Once out of ditch, the tractor trailer was uncoupled and the tractor was towed into position to be rigged for towing to shop. RM99B hooked to trailer after determining safe operation and was returned to the yard for the customer. The tractor was removed from the scene by RM07 and taken back to the RS Maher repair facility.

All rigging was stowed and accident scene cleaned up. Contractor proceeded to clean up fuel spill according to all regulations. The roads were reopened and all units released from scene.