Towing & Recovery

Roll over incident, Perry Center, NY January 15th

Call received from the Wyoming County Sheriffs’ Dept. at approximately 7:15 am with a report of a vehicle off the road on its side on Route 20A just east of Route 246. Two heavy wreckers dispatched to the scene. 

Upon arrival, we found a single axle box truck over the bank and on its side on the north side of Route 20A. The truck had been heading westbound and had gone off the road, striking a culvert pipe, through the guard rails, striking a utility pole and trees landing on its right side about 30 feet below the surface of the road. The unit was loaded with drums of dairy sanitizer, 50lb bags of sunflower seeds and 50 lb bags of packaged bedding. We dispatched our incident response vehicle to the scene along with a service truck with extra personnel to help with unloading and cleanup. Vehicle owner also sent a crew to help unload and remove the cargo from the scene. The property owner also assisted on the scene with equipment to unload cargo.

After cargo was unloaded, we positioned our heavy wrecker in the road and ran a line to the rigging on the vehicle frames. The loader was placed at the roof of the van body to assist in lifting so that we could roll the vehicle back onto its wheels.

Our 40 ton slider was positioned into the field and rigged a line about 50 yards to the rear of the vehicle. It was then winched up the hill and into the field onto level ground. It was positioned to face the road. When this was completed our heavy wrecker was hooked onto the front. Leaving the 40 ton slider hooked to the rear of the truck, we used our heavy wrecker to pull the front of the vehicle sideways. When this was completed, we unhooked our 40 ton slider from the rear of the vehicle, and used the wrecker to pull the truck to the back of the heavy wrecker on the side of the road.

We used the loader to lift the right side of the van body up so that we could strap the sides in place for transport. Cross straps were used inside the cargo box to hold the walls together. Straps were also placed up and over the outside to the cargo box to hold it together. The vehicle was rigged for transport to our service facility.

The incident response vehicle completely cleaned scene and roadway of debris. All cargo was loaded on customer’s vehicle for them to return to their facility.