Towing & Recovery

Tanker in ditch during late March storm in Sardinia, NY

We received a call at 11 PM Saturday from the company that their milk truck had slid down a hill backwards into a 3 foot deep ditch on Genesee Road in Sardinia. When we arrived on the scene we found the tanker with its driver's side wheels in the ditch and leaning over on the driver’s side. The trailer was about 30 percent loaded with all the weight to the rear of the trailer. The tractor was still in the roadway, but the passenger side drive tires were approximately 18 inches off the ground. The roadway was completely blocked. Two heavy wreckers, RM-88 and RM-07, were dispatched to the scene. The conditions were snow covered and very slippery. The Town of Arcade was dispatched by the Wyoming County Sheriff’s department to plow and salt the road. The Sheriff’s Department was assisted by the Arcade Fire Department to close off the road at the North Woods Road interchange, and the Sardinia Fire department to close off the road at the Route 16 interchange. RM-07 was hooked to the front of the vehicle to pull it forward out of the ditch and up the hill. RM-88 was pulled up alongside of the trailer and across the road. Two lines were used from this truck. One line was hooked to the driver’s side suspension to assist with the pull up out of the ditch. The 2nd line was attached to a strap that was ran over the top of the trailer and down to the driver’s side rear suspension. This line was put in place for security only. It was not used to pull and was only there as a precaution in case something happened that would cause the tanker to roll further over toward the ditch. When all lines were hooked securely in place the unit was pulled up out of the ditch and up the hill. This went smoothly and was completed without incident. All lines were removed from the unit and stored in their proper places on the tow trucks. The truck was driven from the scene and the roadway cleared.