Towing & Recovery

Fully loaded feed truck rolled over on December 12th

At approximately 8 AM on December 12th we were dispatched for a loaded feed truck on its side, partially blocking the westbound lane of Route 39 just west of the intersection of Old Route 39. Units RM88 and RM07 responded to the scene where members from the Bliss Fire Department and Wyoming County Sheriff's Department were on site. Since the vehicle was fully loaded a vacuum truck was called in to unload cattle feed to aide in recovery. The two wreckers hooked up a total of three winch lines; RM88 had one line hooked to the driver's side front axle to pull down and over and another line hooked to the passenger side rear drive axle under the feed body and then over the top to RM88 for the low line. RM07 had the third line hooked to the same drive axle running under the feed body and back over top to the winch unit. Our loader unit arrived to have a strap attached over the top and to the drive axles to act as a control vehicle. Once vehicle was upright, all recovery units were unhooked and RM07 was rehooked to remove vehicle from the accident scene. Our loader was used to remove spilled feed from unit and clean site.