Towing & Recovery

Winch out of tractor trailer in ditch on January 2nd

Received a call from Wyoming County Sheriff’s Department requesting wreckers to the scene of a tractor trailer/car accident at the intersection of route 19 and route 19A in the Town of Gainesville. We were advised the tractor was completely in ditch and trailer was blocking route 19. Trailer was loaded with 42,000 plus pounds of palletized salt. Wrecker units RM07 and RM88 were dispatched to scene along with our tractor.  RM88 was positioned on route 19A across the road from the trailer. Two winch lines were hooked to the rear suspension and framework on opposite sides. We then positioned RM07 at the rear of the tractor on route 19 and hooked a winch line to the rear drive axle. Both wreckers worked in unison to pull the vehicle out of the ditch. The tractor and trailer was unhooked with RM07 so that unit could be towed to our facility. Our power unit hooked up to the trailer and hauled it from scene to our location for customer pick up. Site was cleaned by our support vehicles and roadway was reopened to traffic.