Towing & Recovery

Tractor-Trailer in ditch Route 77 in Bennington, NY January 16th

Call received from the Wyoming County Sheriff’s Department at 2 PM with a report of a jack-knifed tractor trailer on Route 77 just north of Bennington. No other information was given. Shortly after the initial dispatch call, NYS Troopers called stating the unit was over a small bank, the majority of the truck was off the road and wanted to make sure we brought big enough equipment to get it back on the road and out of the way quickly. We dispatched two heavy wreckers to the scene, along with a tractor to bring the trailer back to our facility.

Upon arrival at the scene, we found a tractor trailer off the southbound side of Route 77. It had been heading southbound when it went left roadway and into the ditch. The tractor and trailer jack-knifed to the right and spun completely around and landed in the south bound ditch but was heading back north again. The tractor was completely off the road and the trailer wheels were on the shoulder of the road.

Snow was required to be shoveled to gain access to winch points. After shoveling around the tractor we found the passenger side fuel tank leaking from a crack in the tank. We plugged the hole to stop the tank from leaking. Our Incident Response Truck was dispatched for fuel spill containment and cleanup.

We rigged our heavy wrecker to the rear of the trailer to hold it from tipping or sliding further into the ditch. Our 40 Ton Slider was rigged to the front axle of the tractor with two winch lines. We then winched the entire unit up onto the roadway. When the tractor and trailer were both on the road, the united was disconnected in order to pull the tractor out from under the trailer. The brakes were frozen on the tractor and had to be freed to allow us to pull it forward. Our road tractor was hooked to the trailer and moved up the road and out of the way. We then unhooked our 40 Ton slider from the front of the tractor and moved it out of the way. We rigged the heavy wrecker to the front of the tractor to transport it from the scene. The impact of the crash had caused the mounts on the cab to twist and break. The cab did not set on the chassis correctly. We used straps over the top of the cab and bunk to hold it to the frame.

The fuel spill was cleaned up and all product was put into containers for proper disposal. Site was released by NYS Police and all vehicles returned to our facility.